Kinetic Z-Rollers Tech

Choosing Kinetic Z•Rollers places you in an elite group of discerning cyclists who demand the best of both their equipment and themselves. Riding rollers will improve balance, pedaling technique, and overall form on the bike. Rollers are not for everyone, only for riders who already posses a substantial measure of skill. You are already good, these will make you better.

  • Z•Rollers are designed to meet the needs of elite-level cyclists. If properly cared for they will give you years of trouble-free service. Z•Rollers are backed by Kinetic’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
  • Z•Rollers come completely assembled. Just unfold the frame, adjust the drums to your bike’s wheelbase (if necessary), and ride.



Set Up

UNFOLD THE UNIT (see top photo)

  1. Lift topmost frame section
  2. Straighten the top and middle frame sections making sure that the band is in the drum groove on both rollers
  3. Set top and middle sections down on the floor and the Z•Rollers are ready.

Bike positioning


  1. When bike is set on rollers, the front axle should be slightlty behind the axle bolts on the front drum of the Z•Rollers.
  2. If the front drum position is not as shown, fold top and middle frame sections to release band tension and unscrew both knobs together and reposition the drum to the next closest position.


  • Z•Rollers are for intermediate to advanced cyclists only
  • Use only on a flat, level floor
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order before use
  • Check all bolts before use to ensure they are tight. (Factory torque settings for bolts that tighten onto metal are: 12 Ft-Lbs [15n*m]. Factory torque settings for bolts that tighten on to plastic pieces 7 Ft-Lbs [9N*m]).
  • Z•Roller drums are precision machined for a smooth ride. Be sure to protect the roller drums from dents or damage, as this will compromise the performance.

Care and Maintenance

  • Wipe off rollers after use with a damp cloth to prevent corrosion of drums.
  • For maximum belt life, fold the Z•Rollers up or disengage belt when not in use.
  • Bearings are sealed, they do not require maintenance or lubrication