Kinetic Interactive Bike Trainers

Interactive trainers offer the most realistic app-controlled riding experience. Our electronic Power Unit controls the intensity and changes resistance automatically with apps like: Kinetic FitZwiftTrainerRoadRouvyKinomapThe Sufferfest and FulGaz.

Kinetic Fluid Power Bike Trainers

With fluid resistance YOU control the ride difficulty. Fluid power trainers are app compatible, portable, don't require power cords and feature our patented-fluid resistance unit. Ride data is transmitted wirelessly* to training apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad and The Sufferfest via Bluetooth Smart™ or ANT+™. Kinetic Fluid Power Bike Trainers are non-interactive, meaning apps don't change your resistance with target wattage or terrain changes.

*ANT+ is only available in the NEW Smart 2 series

Kinetic Classic Trainers

Including the well-known Road Machine trainer, the industry standard for fluid trainers, Kinetic traditional trainers are non-electronic and non-interactive. For those looking for app interactivity in a fluid trainer, look no further than the Kinetic Smart 2 series of Fluid Power Trainers. Marquee features are top-quality construction, portability and a lifetime warranty.