Magnetic Resistance

How magnetic resistance works

Magnetic resistance is generated by spinning a metal disk through a magnetic field. This creates what are called “Eddy Currents”, which cause drag on the metal disk. The Kinetic Magnetic resistance unit provides quiet, smooth, progressive resistance. The Mag’s linear progressive resistance curve (black line) offers a higher mid-range resistance than our fluid trainer models, (0 mph – 32 mph) making it a great match for low-geared bikes like mountain and cross bikes.

Heat is the enemy

Magnetic trainer performance is affected by heat, which causes resistance to decrease. Most magnetic trainers generate resistance by spinning magnets next to a fixed steel disc with a separate fan for cooling. Our Magnetic trainer uses an aluminum disk spinning between two magnets with smaller fan blades integrated into the disk. This keeps ours cooler for more consistent performance, and quieter because it doesn’t require the additional fan. In fact, the Kinetic Magnetic is the quietest trainer we have tested.

Heavyweight Flywheel

The flywheel on a trainer simulates the momentum of the bike and rider, increasing the effort needed to accelerate and maintaining speed when coasting. At 6.25 lbs. (2.8 kg), Kinetic Magnetic trainers have the heaviest flywheels found on magnetic trainers; providing a far more realistic ride.